Let us do the work!

An opportunity for foodies and friends to explore new and different cheeses or classic favourites without the hassle of a subscription service, ‘cheesy’ tasting notes and over-the-top packaging. It’srnyour dinner or dessert, just to sit back and enjoy. So whenever you fancy a nibble, we’re here.

What’s on the board?

Every Friday evening, we will post next week’s board on all our social media platforms and give plenty of info on each cheese and product included. There will always be three cheeses, biscuits andrna side, plus suggestions for drinks and additions. Follow us here to keep updated (Icons) and come back if you want more info on your cheese. Fancy a discount? Order by the end of the weekend andrnreceive 10% off.

Looking for something else?

Want one of our favourite cheeseboards for any day of the week? Drinks, deli items, individual cheeses or gifts? Head over to our shop. As cheesemongers at Wildmoor Fine Food & Drink, a delicatessen at the edge of Dartmoor, we are tapped into great producers from around the UK and running an actual delicatessen, we know our stuff. No gimmicks, just great produce! But we keep it fun… we like fun.

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it’s perfectly acceptable to keep your boards until Saturday or Sunday, even Monday if you fancy. It’s you weekend enjoy it when you want. Even as a cheeky midnight snack.